Drilling Site Noise Control

The horizontal shale drilling process is a noisy operation. In populated or noise sensitive areas, the appropriate sound abatement treatment is to enclose the perimeter of the drilling site with a sound curtain. Sound Curtain panels mounted on various framing options can be configured around the site as required to offer effective noise reduction for adjacent neighborhoods and communities. Sound Seal manufactures a wide variety of exterior grade sound curtain products that can bring your drilling site operation into compliance with local noise ordinance requirements. See this link for info on our sound curtain products.

Compressor Station Acoustical Treatment

compressor station Once the drilling is complete and the natural gas is ready to be pumped through the pipeline, a properly designed Compressor Station is required. A critical design element will be to incorporate appropriate acoustical treatments for that building. In addition to items such as exhaust silencers, the building should include an acoustical liner. The most effective acoustical lining treatments utilize acoustical composites that include a sound absorber, a noise barrier, and a decoupler in one product. Sound Seal manufactures a variety of acoustical composites, and has specific experience in treating compressor buildings. See this link for our Tennessee Gas Compressor Station application

Sound Seal is a New York City suggested vendor helping control noise in the Big Apple.
See http://www.soundcurtains.com  and see how Sound Seal can provide the sound barrier solution for your
drilling/construction project to comply with local city or town noise ordinances. Sound Seal Sound Curtains enable you to get
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Marcellus Shale Drilling Well
Gas Pipeline being laid
Marcellus Pipeline Compressor
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